John William Duarte — English Suite, Op. 31 — Prelude: my ukulele transcription

My ukulele transcription of Prelude from English Suite, Op. 31 by John William Duarte.

As usual, some informations about the author and the piece extracted from (Wikipedia):

Duarte was the composer of nearly 150 works for the guitar and lute (many commissioned with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain and other sources). Most have been published and many have been commercially recorded, some several times. He also made many arrangements (several also recorded), and wrote a number of didactic works, including an introduction to harmony for guitarists. His music shows an exceptionally wide range of styles.

Duarte’s English Suite op. 31, a three-movement work for guitar, reflects the Renaissance style of court lutenists such as John Dowland and John Johnson.

Here a great performance by Andrés Segovia:

The original was in E major, but for a better usage of the ukulele tuning I preferred transpose in A major.

And here my disrespectful ukulele version:

Ukulele score&tablature could be downloaded clicking HERE


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