Download torrents from Kickass Torrents from command line with Katastrophe

The power of command line!

UPDATE: I am afraid that at this point is not very useful 🙂

Katastrophe is a command line tool made in python for scraping Kickass torrents (

It provides options to scrape top torrents in given categories, or searching for specific torrents. 
The user can select single, multiple or even specify a range for the torrent to download from any category.

More informations, download and installation instructions on the GitHub page:

Some screenshots

Latest Movies

$ katastrophe -m

Latest TV Shows

$ katastrophe -t

Latest Games and Applications

$ katastrophe -g

Latest Music

$ katastrophe -s

Latest Anime

$ katastrophe -a

Latest Books

$ katastrophe -b

Latest Lossless Music

$ katastrophe -l

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