Useful penetration testing tools Cheat Sheet

Highon.Coffee has published a useful high level overview of the typical commands you would run when performing a penetration test.

Here the table of contents:

Recon and Enumeration

SMB enumeration

Python Local Web Server

Mounting File Shares

Basic Finger Printing

SNMP Enumeration

DNS Zone Transfers


HTTP / HTTPS Webserver Enumeration

Packet Inspection

Username Enumeration


Brute Forcing Services

Password Cracking

Exploit Research

Windows Penetration Testing Commands

Linux Penetration Testing Commands

Compiling Exploits

SUID Binary

Reverse Shells

TTY Shells


Meterpreter Cheat Sheet

Common Metasploit Modules



ASCII Table Cheat Sheet

CISCO IOS Commands


SQLMap Examples

Read the whole article at:

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