Analyze websites and the resources they request with

Find out which HTTP requests your website triggers in the background and where they call out to

This is not my discovery, but a very useful resource found through a Florian Roth tweet: is a service which analyses websites and the resources they request. Much like the Inspector of your browser, will let you take a look at the individual resources that are requested when a site is loaded.

The idea behind is to allow even inexperienced users to get a look at what a particular website is requesting in the background. For people new to modern web development, this will often have a certain wow-effect.

The tool was developed by Johannes Gilger, with this technology: uses server-side rendering, so any piece of JavaScript that is included definitely falls into the nice-to-havecategory.

  • Bootstrap As much as I like fiddling with CSS, I had to start somewhere
  • jQuery Because I’m an old-school kind of guy and because of Bootstrap
  • moment.js So I can render & cache results with static timestamps but display relative ones
  • livestamp.js Live-updating relative timestampscount
  • Up.js For the counting stats numbers (100% vanity)
  • Google Maps For maps, I’ve tried leaflet.js but wasn’t convinced (yet)
  • Google Analytics I realize that this will be blocked by a lot of users, but it’s just so easy to set up. We have fallback analytics.

The backend processor for this site was built with ♥ and the awesome Chrome Remote Debugging API.

If you want to know more about how it works and how everything fits together, invite me to a cool conference and I’ll give a talk about it ;)

I tried it with my site and the results were accurate and interesting:

Really useful the feature that allows the export of the report in JSON format:

So, take a look to this tool:

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