How to create a contextual menu on Windows Explorer for PyInstaller packaging

Package your python application (for Windows and Linux) with just a right-click!

Recently I’ve written a brief post about the packaging of a python script for Linux and Windows on a Linux machine, using PyInstaller and Wine.

Today i want to propose the same process, performed on Windows.



  • Install Python (with Pip) on Windows (get latest build from¬†
  • Install Python and Pip on Ubuntu (installing pip solve all python dependencies):
    apt install python-pip
  • Install PyInstallter on Windows and Linux:
    pip install pyinstaller

Once the enviroment is correctly configured, you can create the contextual menu:

  • Download this template and save it as .reg file:

  • Modify the file with the correct paths (on lines 15 and 22).
  • Finally, import the .reg file and test the configuration.

Here a brief demo:



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