“13 measures”, a brief fingerstyle study for beginners

When teaching music, one of the biggest challenge is to keep students constantly interested.

Playing an instrument is also a muscular exercise, and the muscles must be trained.
So, especially at the beginning of the cycle of studies, long technical exercises can often bore and demotivate a student, who might want to play something right away.

This is why are usually teach the “studies”, brief pieces especially composed for the development of a specific point of technique, that allows the student to learn a melodical piece and at the same time working on his technical development.

To my students, I usually give small studies especially composed to work on their specific technical gaps.

The piece

“13 measures” was composed for a student who demonstrated difficulty in independence of voices: it’s a brief piece (13 measures), in G with a modulation in D, developed with 2 voices alternating with each other.

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