Google App Engine and Python: a correct way to store configuration variables

When you develop an application, often you could need to store some configurations. This data can contain a lot of sensitive informations, and this is a critical point if your sourcecode is hosted on a GitHub repository.

In fact, a lot of unwanted dataleaks starts with a commit that contains accidentally a configuration file, and a lot of simple tools developed for search this leaks are available (such us gittyleaks).

So, is my opinion that, also in development stage, a good practice should be to store configuration data into a database/datastore.

Recently i’ve worked on a telegram bot, hosted on Google App Engine and developed in Python.

A basic practice to store configuration data may be to store that on app.yaml as environment variables, in this way:


Then these variables will be available in the os.environ dictionary.

But, like I said, in not a good method in terms of security, and storing configurations into a datastore should be a better practice.

Below the brief code snippet i use for storing configurations:

from google.appengine.ext import ndb

class Settings(ndb.Model):
  name = ndb.StringProperty()
  value = ndb.StringProperty()

  def get(name):
    retval = Settings.query( == name).get()
    if not retval:
      retval = Settings() = name
      retval.value = NOT_SET_VALUE
    return retval.value

Your application would do this to get a value:


If there is a value for that key in the datastore, you will get it.
If there isn’t, a placeholder record will be created: simply go to the Developers Console and update the placeholder record.

That’s all folks!

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