Musics for a Game Never Born

Several year ago (at least 15), I’ve been involved in a exciting project: the development of a video game. Not as developer, but as musician!

The game was an old-style platform, but with a realistic physic.
When I began collaboration with development team, the project was in a early stage, but the game was already playable.

So, I started to create some songs for the soundtrack: pieces with a various lenght, in order to fit in different phases of the game (stage selection, game intro, credits, and more) but all with the same 8-bit flavour.
Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the project blowing up and all songs I wrote ended up in a drawer.

Fast forward, end of November 2020: when i was cleaning out some backup from an old hard disk, I found a directory containing some Midi and Mod files, all related to this old project.
Overcomed with nostalgia, I decided to recover this music snipptes and try to revitalise it with more modern tools.

From all scores, I was able to obtain four songs, now freely available on SoundCloud:

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