How to check Pegasus Spyware on your iPhone

A recent report by The Pegasus Project, a consortium of non-profit organizations and various journalists, claimed to have discovered a leak of 50.000 phone numbers that likely belong to users who might be victims of the Pegasus spyware, developed by the Israeli technology firm NSO.

Amnesty International, part of the group, has released a tool to check if your phone has been affected, called Mobile Verification Toolkit, or MVT.

In this post we will look steps for analyze a iPhone using a Linux machine.


Some thoughts about Stuxnet

Some days ago, during a brief memory analisys demonstration with Volatility, I’ve used a memory dump of a system infected with the “old-but-gold” Stuxnet.
But, one of the spectators asked me additional info about this malware, so I decided to collect some informations about the story of this “iconic” malware strain.


How many data are shared by iOS and Android telemetry?

An academic research, conducted by Professor Douglas J. Leith from Trinity College at the University of Dublin, analyzed traffic originating from iOS and Android devices heading to Apple and Google servers at various stages of a phone’s operation, such as data shared, founding that Google collects around 20 times more telemetry data from Android devices than Apple from iOS.