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Automated Android Malware Analysis with CuckooDroid

Mechanical Bird! Cuckoo Sandbox is a famous Open Source software for automating analysis of suspicious files. CuckooDroid is an extension that brings to Cuckoo the capabilities of execution and analysis of android applications. Developed by Idan Revivo and Ofer Caspi, CuckooDroid provides both static and dynamic APK inspection as well as evading certain VM-detection techniques, […]

Malware Analysis, Programming, Python

MacroShop , a collection of scripts for embedding malware payloads in Microsoft Office files

A new youth for macro viruses? Recently, with a colleague were discussing how Office macros are becoming a vehicle widely used by malware distributors. On this Github repository i have found Macroshop, a collection of python script to aid the embedding process of malware payloads into Office macros: macro_safe.pyGenerates safe for VB inclusion into an excel […]

Malware Analysis

Cheat Sheet for Malware Analysis

A cheat sheet of shortcuts and tips for analyzing and reverse-engineering malware Lenny Zeltser teaches digital forensics and anti-malware courses at SANS Institute: on his site, at, has published a lot of useful cheat sheets. Today i want to share the “Cheat Sheet for Analyzing Malicious Software”: This is a cheat sheet of shortcuts […]