Today i’m definitely lazy…’s Monday and I don’t want to write anything! It’s true, I didn’t prepare any articles on the weekend, however by accident I saw this nice strip on CommitStrip and… (Seriously, how many times did he do this?)

OSINT, the secret weapon of 4channers

“A good rule of the Internet is to never tell 4chan something is impossible.” What happened between Shia LaBeouf and some users of 4chan? The news now is fairly well known, but I try to summarize the main points of a story that shows that nothing is impossible, when you properly use sources freely available…

Friday Humor: Programmer Levels

I had a very complicated work week… … and I have no time (and desire) to write something serious. So, i publish today just a funny strip by I’m between level 5 and 6, and you?