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Andres Segovia concert on Italian television

A valuable historical document In the 1960s, the Italian TV broadcaster RAI broadcast a fascinating concert by Andres Segovia.I’ve found a copy on Youtube, the sound is slightly distorted, but the program very respectable: 1:27 — “Da un Codice Lautenbuch”, Six lute pieces of the renaissance, transcribed by Oscar Chilesotti:1. Vaghe belleze et bionde treccie d’oro vedi […]

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Composing music using the Higgs boson LHC data

I discover it out late enough, but the project is fantastic! On Wednesday 4th July 2012, scientists at CERN announced that they had found a Higgs-like particle after analysing results from the Large Hadron Collider. After the announce, Domenico Vicinanza starts another project: the ‘sonification’ of the data observer in the LHC The Higgs sonification […]

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How to spot a fake guitar in seconds

Keep your eyes (and ears) open! Is it really possible to buy a non-original guitar? Yes! Furthermore it can happens in unexpected places like a used instruments store, as shown by these two videos made by Kennis Russell: In the videos are analyzed two incredible fake of the most famous guitars of all time: a Fender […]

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Emanuele Segre: a really interesting documentary

A very talented italian guitarist Today I want to offer a documentary dedicated to Emanuele Segre, one of my favorite performers.The documentary is produced by SKY TV Classica, I found it on youtube divided into three parts. For non italian readers, the video has English subtitles. Who is Emanuele Segre? Some information from his website: Emanuele […]