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Emil Zátopek, 4 lessons about running and life

If you are a runner that gives up at the first difficulty, here some advice from the “Czech Locomotive” 0. Who was Emil Zátopek? From Wikipedia: Emil Zátopek was a Czechoslovak long-distance runner best known for winning three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. He won gold in the 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres […]


Running goal for 2016? Reached!

5000 fun kilometers! A big ‘thank you’ to who tolerates this my insane passion, to those who see me back into the house in rainy days soaked and dripping, to those who has now got used to wake up the morning with my place in bed empty. Goals for 2017? 5100 km!

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Four tips for run in the rain

Trivial, ironic, and perhaps even useful tips I’m not a lover of treadmill and indoor workouts, so in case of rain (even stronger) does not discourage me and grant me the daily morning run. So I propose 4 simple tips, earned in years of racing in the rain. 1 — Warm up The first thing to do before tackling […]