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Malware Analysis, Programming, Python

MacroShop , a collection of scripts for embedding malware payloads in Microsoft Office files

A new youth for macro viruses? Recently, with a colleague were discussing how Office macros are becoming a vehicle widely used by malware distributors. On this Github repository i have found Macroshop, a collection of python script to aid the embedding process of malware payloads into Office macros: macro_safe.pyGenerates safe for VB inclusion into an excel […]

Forensics, Python

Rekall, a framework for memory forensic

An end-to-end solution to incident responders and forensic analysts Rekall is a collection of tools, implemented in Python under the GNU General Public License, for the extraction of digital artifacts from volatile memory samples. The extraction techniques are performed completely independent of the system being investigated but offer visibilty into the runtime state of the system. […]