Unix terminal, a simple cheatsheet

Unix terminal is a powerful tool. I think that a lot of tasks (including my own forensics analysis workflows) can be accomplished more quickly on a “terminal only” environment.

LiMEaide: remotely dump RAM of a Linux client

Simplify Linux digital forensics! LiMEaide is a python application developed by Daryl Bennett that can remotely dump RAM of a Linux client. It can also create a volatility profile for later analysis. In order to use LiMEaide all you need to do is feed a remote Linux client IP address, sit back, and consume your…

Linux Distributions for forensics investigation: my own list

A shortlist of six distribution…guess my favorite! During a digital forensics analysis, a lot of different tools can be used, and it could be useful use a dedicated linux distribution with all tools already installed and configured. Here a brief list of my choises. Computer Aided Investigative Environment (CAINE) CAINE offers a complete forensic environment…

Ultra-Geek Linux Laptop: my own setup

Some days ago i’ve written a post about the “Ultra-Geek” Linux Workstation developed by Joe Nelson. Reading his post, I found many similarities with the current configuration of my laptop.