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Security flaws in VoLTE protocol allow an attacker to spoof numbers and track users

The research paper by P1 Security was presented last week in a security conference in France A team of researchers from security firm P1 Security has detailed a list of flaws in the VoLTE protocol that allows an attacker to spoof anyone’s phone number and place phone calls under new identities, and extract IMSI and geo-location […]

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How to use the ip command instead of ifconfig

Did you know that in 2009 it was announced that the ifconfig Linux command would be deprecated? On mostly Linux distribution the ifconfig command has been deprecated and will be definitely replaced by ip command.What are de differences between ifconfig and ip? Let’s try to summarize them: Show network devices ifconfig ip addr showip link show […]

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The Internet is still broken

BGP Hijacking is an actual problem that we need to solve Yesterday i have read a brief but interesting article about BGP Hijacking written by Johannes B. Ullrich, published on SANS ISC InfoSec Forum. About BGP Hijacking i have already written something about, you can read on Essentially, BGP Hijacking is the illegitimate takeover of […]