My Weekly RoundUp #119

Last week was challenging: i left my old job and started in the same role in a new company.
But, despite I haven’t had much spare time for reading my RSS feeds, I was able to collect some interesting news, especially related to cybersecurity.
So, this week let’s talk about malware: Emotet, ZeroCleare and a malicious software related to Lazarus APT group.
Then, some issues on unix VPN stacks and, GoAhed webserver, Python libraries and Heroku.
Further, some privacy related news, focused on iPhone geolocalization and TikTok app.
Finally, and interesting article about robots!

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My Weekly RoundUp #118

This week i was very busy at work, so i wasn’t able to collect a lot of news.
However, the few news i’ve read are really juicy stuff: for example, E.T. is back!

So, let’s talk about Mixcloud, Signal, unsecure smartwatches, a new malware called CStealer, some troubles for Virgil Griffith, Magento and NYPD.

Then, the new Kali release and a proposal for “fix the web” from the internet’s founder Tim Berners-Lee.

Finally, some details about The Simpsons‘ alleged deletion.


My Weekly RoundUp #115

Over the past seven days, i’ve read a lot of interesting news.
So, today let’s talk about the BerlusconiMarket shutdown, LulSecITA and FifthOfNovember, ransomware attack on a hospital, GoLang birthday, Apple vs. Electron, EA and VisualStudio, GraphQL, strange naming policies for tech products.
Then, some Facebook related news (new brand, data leaks and facial recognition) and a couple of link focused on science, about Fabiola Gianotti and the Paris Agreement.
Finally, two articles about the making-of of Pixar and AppleTV+ shows.


My Weekly RoundUp #114

A lot of links this week!

Today let’s talk about #KKNPP, #DKIM, #DFIR and #TimelineExplorer, #iPhone, #Whatsapp and #NSOGroup, #Powertool, #Protonmail, #Unicredit, #linustorvalds, #guidovanrossum and #python, #themandalorian and #bladerunner.