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Cybersecurity, Malware Analysis

The ‘HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found? Beware, it’s a trap!

A new malware campaign targets Chrome users NeoSmart Technologies recently identified a malicious campaign that spreads through legitimate, but compromised, websites: Today while browsing a (compromised) WordPress site that shall remain unnamed, I came across a very interesting “hack” that was pulled off with a bit more finesse than most of the drive-by-infection attempts.

Cybersecurity, Malware Analysis

Malware analysis, my own list of tools and resources

A constantly updated list — Last update: August 2, 2018 During my daily activities of analysis and research, often I discover new useful tools. I collected them in this list (periodically updated). Enjoy! Detection AnalyzePE — Wrapper for a variety of tools for reporting on Windows PE files. chkrootkit — Linux rootkit detector. Rootkit Hunter — Detect Linux rootkits. Detect-It-Easy — A program for determining types […]