Matteo Carcassi, “Andantino in C”: a simple Ukulele arrangement

Matteo Carcassi was a famous Italian guitarist and composer.
Born in Florence, Carcassi also studied the piano, but learned guitar when still a child: he quickly gained a reputation as a virtuoso concert guitarist.

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My Weekly RoundUp #75

After some months of rest, i’ve decided to star again publishing of my Weekly RoundUp. Why?

That’s simple: i also started a process of Social Media Detox, that involve deactivation of my Social Network accounts. Without them, i don’t have any way to share with my followers interesting links that i’ve read in the week.

So let’s start: there are a lot of news!

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Lágrima, by Francisco Tárrega: my Ukulele rendition

The (unconfirmed) story goes that Francisco Tárrega composed Lágrima in 1881,
while performing in London.
He was depressed and homesick, and he wrote a song describing his state.

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