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New version of FinFisher spyware used to spy on iOS and Android users in 20 countries

Malware researchers from Kaspersky have discovered new and improved versions of the FinFisher spyware, able o infect both Android and iOS devices. According to the experts, the new versions have been active at least since 2018, one of the samples analyzed was used last month in Myanmar, where local government is accused of violating human […]


A bug in Apple’s WebView allow an attacker to initiate phone calls without user confirm

Twitter and LinkedIn iOS apps are vulnerable! The security researcher Collin Mulliner has discovered an exploitable vulnerability in Apple’s WebView that could allow phone calls to a number of the attacker’s choosing. iOS WebViews can be used to automatically call an attacker controlled phone number. The attack can block the phone’s UI for a short […]


A DIY multi-platform solution for encrypt your DropBox files

For Linux, Windows, OSX, Android and iOs Cloud storage is very useful, but for really important/private stuff, a best practice could be adding of a further encryption layer, perhaps with a cross-platform solution. http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/security.png A simply method could be use Truecrypt (now Veracrypt), but having to create containers that store the encrypted information isn’t the best […]