Some thoughts about “Shift Left” security in DevSecOps

A popular term in DevOps context is “shift left”: it refers to the effort by a DevOps team to implement measures to guarantee application quality at the most early point in the software development life cycle.
In a application security context, this refers to the measures implemented to ensure thart security concerns are taken into consideration during the whole application development, rather than at the end of the process.

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My Weekly RoundUp #117

Sure, the main event of this week was the launch of Tesla Cybertruck, but I’ve also other interesting topics, for example WordPress sites under attack, Roboto Linux botnets, Mac malware related to Lazarus and Nextcry, a ransonware that targets Nextcloud instances.
Then some privacy relevant news related to GPS and DuckDuckGo, programming topics on Python and GitHub and finally some news about Doctor Who, The Mandalorian and Star Trek.

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My Weekly RoundUp #116

The week kicked off with the launch of Disney+, but also other things happened!

So let’s not waste time, and let’s start to talk about WhatsApp, ZoneAlarm, Telegram, Python, Java and JQuery,

Further, some news about Elon Musk‘s Neuralink, a controversial update on Google Chrome and some problems for Vodafone India.

Finally, some news about privacy: the benefits of a Dumb Phone and the usual concerns related to Facial Recognition.

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