My Weekly RoundUp #115

Over the past seven days, i’ve read a lot of interesting news.
So, today let’s talk about the BerlusconiMarket shutdown, LulSecITA and FifthOfNovember, ransomware attack on a hospital, GoLang birthday, Apple vs. Electron, EA and VisualStudio, GraphQL, strange naming policies for tech products.
Then, some Facebook related news (new brand, data leaks and facial recognition) and a couple of link focused on science, about Fabiola Gianotti and the Paris Agreement.
Finally, two articles about the making-of of Pixar and AppleTV+ shows.

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MIT scientists make the first implementation of psychopathism in Artificial Intelligence

Three scientists at MIT (Pinar Yanardag, Manuel Cebrian and Iyad Rahwan) have created the world’s first psychopath artificial intelligence, called Norman, with the purpose of demonstrate that AI cannot be unfair and biased unless such data is fed into it.

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First image of Einstein’s ‘spooky’ particle entanglement

Einstein described quantum mechanics as “spooky” because of the instantaneousness of the apparent remote interaction between two entangled particles.
The interaction also seemed incompatible with elements of his special theory of relativity.

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