The history of the world according to cats

In ancient times, wildcats were fierce carnivorous hunters.
How did these solitary, fierce predators become our sofa sidekicks? In this funny video from TED Ed, Eva-Maria Geigl traces the domestication of the modern house cat.

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters

This TED Talk by Glenn Greenwald is really inspiring. Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see the Edward Snowden files, with their revelations about the United States’ extensive surveillance of private citizens. Hits: 41

How frustration can make us more creative

An inspiring TED talk by Tim Harford, about how challenges and problems can make you more creative than ever. Starting talking about a Keith Jarrett’s concert, Tim Harford try to convince you of the advantages of having to work with a little mess: Some hightlights Late in January 1975, a 17-year-old German girl called Vera Brandes…