My Weekly RoundUp #120

Few news this week: a couple of link about ransomware (Ryuk and Snatch), an interesting attack on Intel CPUs, a Windows 0day and a phishing attack on Office365.
Then, a security incident on S3 buckets and an interesting article about DNS over HTTPS.
Finally, some news about Cyberpunk, Cats and Wonder Woman 1984!

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My Weekly RoundUp #117

Sure, the main event of this week was the launch of Tesla Cybertruck, but I’ve also other interesting topics, for example WordPress sites under attack, Roboto Linux botnets, Mac malware related to Lazarus and Nextcry, a ransonware that targets Nextcloud instances.
Then some privacy relevant news related to GPS and DuckDuckGo, programming topics on Python and GitHub and finally some news about Doctor Who, The Mandalorian and Star Trek.

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My Weekly RoundUp #115

Over the past seven days, i’ve read a lot of interesting news.
So, today let’s talk about the BerlusconiMarket shutdown, LulSecITA and FifthOfNovember, ransomware attack on a hospital, GoLang birthday, Apple vs. Electron, EA and VisualStudio, GraphQL, strange naming policies for tech products.
Then, some Facebook related news (new brand, data leaks and facial recognition) and a couple of link focused on science, about Fabiola Gianotti and the Paris Agreement.
Finally, two articles about the making-of of Pixar and AppleTV+ shows.

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