Andrea Fortuna

Cybersecurity expert, software developer, experienced digital forensic analyst, musician

Who am I?

My name is Andrea Fortuna, I was born in 1978 and I am a technology junkie and a music addicted.

Besides I’m vegan (but not the annoying type, i swear!), animal lover and cat addicted.

Working life

I started my career as programmer in a small software house located in Albano Laziale (near Rome), were I’ve faced with the first big projects, focused on pharmaceutical industry.
During this “training” period I’ve developed on several systems using a lot of languages, such as RPG on AS/400 systems, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Java.

Then, in 2000, i’m moved in a “start-up” in the telecomunication industry, named “Omnitel Pronto-Italia”: this company, years after become the most known “Vodafone Italy”.
In this workplace I took care first of help desk and administration of Windows and *nix systems, then I joined a development team focused on internal application.
In this team i’ve workded on Windows and *nix systems, and I’ve gain a lot of experience with several languages, such us VB.Net, C#, C++, Ruby, Python, TCL, Bash scripting, Node.js, Perl.

Finally, after a short period in IT architecture team (that enabled me to get an ITIL Certification), I came in the Cybersecurity team of Vodafone Group.

I currently deal with Cybersecurity Incident response, Penetration Testing and Digital Forensic Analysis (I’m a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst): i’ve also developed most of the analysis tools used by my team.

Alongside, i’m involved in developing of opensource projects, and occasionally I doing free tech advice for non-profit associations.


Since i was a kid, I have devoted myself to the music.
My course of study focused initially on classical guitar but, after the degrees, I started a personal search path oriented on other plucked instruments, like acustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin.

Finally, i met my big love: ukulele!

Currently i’m working on a lot of arrangement for this little instrument, published periodically on this website.


In my spare time i like to run, watching movies and write on this blog.

Sometimes, the large number of notes and unfinished article collapse under their gravity and generate some strange phenomena named “books”.


After a short period of Social Media Detox , I’m gradually coming back on major social networks.
So, I’m available on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GitHub (for my dev projects), on Youtube and Soundcloud (concerning my musical activities).

If you need to contact me, you can send me an email (if you need more privacy, use my PGP key) or a message on KeyBase.