How to create a strong password?

How secure are your passwords?

On WhoIsHostingThis? i found a useful infographic that explains how to create a strong password:

So what constitutes the “perfect” password? If you’re serious about security, a strong password will include a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and even non-keyboard characters. It will be unique (using the same password for everything might be common, but it’s also spectacularly unsafe). It’s also greater than eight characters in length, contains arbitrary phrases made using numbers and letters (e.g., “b4D P4S$W0Rd”), but no complete words.

And no matter how secure your password is, it’s made more secure by changing it regularly.

The Perfect Password Rules

  1. Use lower and upper case letters, numbers and keyboard characters.
  2. Go for length over complexity . Use 15 characters or more.
  3. Don’t use dictionary words. Nor slang, nor names (particularly your own), nor variants of email addresses.
  4. Get yourself a password manager such as LastPass, KeePass or 1Password.
  5. Don’t disclose your password details to anybody.
  6. Be vigilant.


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