Pockint: a portable OSINT Swiss Army Knife

POCKINT stands for “Pocket Intelligence”.
It is an OSINT multi purposes GUI program designed to be a lightweight and portable.

POCKINT provides users with essential OSINT capabilities:

input box accepts typical indicators (URL, IP, MD5) and gives users the ability to perform basic OSINT data mining tasks in an iterable manner.

POCKINT is available for Windows and Linux platforms, is provided as a single executable that can be stored and run and the installation process is really fast&simple: just grab the latest version from the releases page.

Basic, but fast!

Obviously, there are a lot of OSINT tools with a great feature catalog (such as Maltego or pOSINT), however

POCKINT focuses on simplicity: INPUT > RUN TRANSFORM > OUTPUT … rinse and repeat. It’s the ideal tool to get results quickly and easily through a simple interface.

Data mining capabilities

POCKINT combines free OSINT sources (whois/DNS) with data retrieve using a set of specialised APIs.
So, adding a couple of API keys and you can unlock even more specialised data mining capabilities.

The tool is capable of running the following data mining tasks:


SourceTransformAPI key needed?
DNSIP lookup
DNSMX lookup
DNSNS lookup
DNSTXT lookup
VirustotalDownloaded samples✔️
VirustotalDetected URLs✔️

IP Addresses

SourceTransformAPI key needed?
DNSReverse lookup
VirustotalNetwork report✔️
VirustotalCommunicating samples✔️
VirustotalDownloaded samples✔️
VirustotalDetected URLs✔️


SourceTransformAPI key needed?
DNSExtract hostname
VirustotalMalicious check✔️
VirustotalReported detections✔️


SourceTransformAPI key needed?
VirustotalMalicious check✔️
VirustotalMalware type✔️


SourceTransformAPI key needed?
N/AExtract domain


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