“Change Of Season”: four songs, entirely written by human

I know: lately I’m often experimented AI-aided music composition, as well algorithmic generated melodies.

However, meanwhile I continued writing my own music: I have the gift (or the curse, depending on your perspective) to have always some melodies swimming in my head, especially at night.

So, the first thing I do when I wake up is record or transcribe the melody that “hounded” me during the night.
Then, in the spare-time during the day, I write down around this melody a whole song, using a style that depends on the mood of the day.

Change Of Season” is a small EP: four new songs, this time written during a weekend without any input from AI or pseudo random algorithms. All melodies got to me during a night with unsettling dreams.

You can listen it an major music streaming services, including Spotify:

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